Roller Coast- Eco Palladium


Wow…It’s the first roller coast in Johor instead of always skating at Paradigm Mall, right? Here’s the thing, I like the lighting and the atmosphere so romantic, so perfect for couples or families to spend time together indoors. If you wanna save cost, then for sure you can bring self-skate shoes.

Operate time: Every Day 12pm until 12am

USP: Roller coast




Lost in JB Eco Palladium 


Bored with waterparks and theme parks? Then you can pick Lost in JB Eco Palladium. Arduous story line makes us excited! I chose horror scenes with my friends’ accompaniment. The MPC or workers will give you clues if you guys are stuck somewhere. I think the space is big enough until I am scared I can run outside. Most likely is the aircond, they open the air conditioner like no need to pay, no matter where you stand you can feel the cold. When we come out, we really suffer from ‘brainburn’. All in all, it’s a lot of fun and interesting.

Operate time: Every Day 12pm until 11.30pm (Thursday closed)

USP: escape room, adventures 

Contact number:  018-363 4862





Kang Bee Hong Eco Palladium


For those who are really expert on how to eat Cantonese style barbecue rice, definitely they will find Kang Bee Hong (KBH)!  In Chinese we call it ‘Shao La’. Why KBH? Because it’s super super super delicious, it has never changed its taste even for more than 30 years. Can’t eat at KBH Eco palladium, you can go for KBH Nusa Bestari, KBH Bukit Indah, KBH Perling, KBH Eco Botanic, KBH Taman Daya, KBH Desa Terbau or KBH Johor Jaya.

Operate time: Every day 9.30am-9.30pm 

Contact number:   07-355 8029


USP: Barbecue rice (Cantonese style) 



 Baek Hyang korean restaurant 


Okay, Korean style food lovers look here! Wanna eat hotpot ramen with soju? Wanna eat kimchi with cheese hotdog and other korean food? Come here, grab your korean style barbecue with special sauce. I guarantee you will eat nonstop.

Operate time: Tuesday until Sunday 12pm until 10pm 

                       Wednesday 12pm-4pm, 5.30pm-10pm

                       (Monday closed)

Contact number:  011-5959 1636


USP: Korean style barbecue




Sushi…sushi…sushi…okay… too excited to introduce my favourite restaurant. I personally like this sushi restaurant so much. This shop always holds events like promo set lunch RM4.90, Christmas set, Valentine set. It’s super chill, enjoy your sushi at a cheap price! I love the soup also!

Operate time: Wednesday until Monday 12pm-10pm (Tuesday closed)

Contact number: 014-300 9407

USP: Japanese food,healthy



Woodfire Eco Spring

Customers have very high praise for the taste, service, and environment at Woodfire Burger, Burger King, and Burger Bandit. I have never tried it before but I believe in people’s reviews and comments, it must be delicious and big enough to get full.

Operate time: Saturday until Thursday 12pm-10pm 

                       Friday 3.30pm-10pm

                       (Monday closed)

Contact number: 0197353565

USP: burgers



Platform 9 Fine Dining

Harry Potter: “I solemnly swear I am up to no good.” Wanna try Harry Potter incantation with Harry Potter custom? Here are your best choices, Harry Potter’s environment even though it is a bitttttttttttt expensive. I know you get what I mean.

Operate time: Everyday 3–6 pm, 7 pm–12 am

Contact number: 0163332657 

USP: Harry Potter 



Palace Palladium

Imagine you and your friend or boyfriend girlfriend having ‘candlelit dinner’ at Palace Palladium, so romantic because of the atmosphere and the food, red wine. I remember there was an event to get a cup of wine for free after I followed the instagram of Palace Palladium. Here it’s kinda pricey.

Operate time: 3pm-3am (everyday)

Contact number:  017-761 6169


USP: beer and chill




Don’t like Palace Palladium, it’s not your style, never mind. You can try More Space坊间. It is not as high class as Palace Palladium, but still has prawn, oysters, chops. I love ice cream here more than beer. Remember to wear nice clothes if you want to have a bestie gathering, so suitable for snap and pictures. 

Operate time: 2pm-12pm (everyday)

Contact number:017-898 9188 

USP: beer, eat,atmosphere



 Morihana Pastry 森华手工烘培

French style cake and pastry. So beautiful, like an art piece until reluctant to eat. I had a nice, relaxing high tea with friends like a small party here. Most recommended chocolate cake! Smooth, just the right sweetness.

Operate time: Tuesday until Sunday 12pm-7pm (Monday closed)

Contact number: 017-761 6169

USP: cakes, high tea



Pin Tea Johor Bahru品茶

Support Malaysia brand bubble tea- Pin Tea Malaysia! Super recommend strawberry natural fruit tea or fruit tea series. Other than fruit tea, it also has milk tea, coffee, matcha series.

Operate time: Everyday 1pm-12pm 

Contact number: 017-681 7212


USP:bubble tea



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