Pulau Mawar

It’s so suitable for family and couples or friends to try to enjoy nature, get away from stress and the rush of the modern world. So what can you do without wifi? Of course beach activities! Swimming, sunbathing, and beachcombing, beach volleyball and many other fun activities.

Operate time: anytime

Contact number: –

USP: beach and pantai, super beautiful natural environment 

Address: https://goo.gl/maps/8CUkqfrsJ6BCU4Tb9


Pulau Mawar hiking is also a good experience. Hike until the famous scenic spot: Pulau Mawar Heaven Gate (天堂之门) that show in the picture above. It’s super beautiful, maybe you can meet god there hahaha…

Mangrove Swamp is a must-see when you’re on Pulau Mawar. See and enjoy nature. Don’t step in mud or you’ll get in trouble.

Super deeper recommend you to snorkelling and diving if you are an ocean lover. How perfect the crystal-clear water of Pantai Mawar! Just explore the underwater world with fishes that discover colourful marine life you have ever been met.

Island Hopping: Mersing is near many islands such as Pulau Rawa, Pulau Besar, Pulau Raja, Pulau Harimau and many other pulau. You can hire a boat and take a day trip to visit all these islands. Trust me, it’s valuable compared to what you pay! 

Youtube island hopping: https://youtu.be/0MxzQ1WAsoI

It’s camping time!!! Super great place for camping. You can pitch a tent on the beach and spend all nights with stars and more stars. Sleep with sounds of waves and sea breeze, enjoy and get excited until I can’t sleep hahaha…

Rawa island (Pulau Rawa)

Is Mawar island boring for you? Try lah Rawa island! Definitely full of beach activities! It’s similar to the sea activities between Rawa island (Pulau Rawa) and  Mawar island (Pulau Mawar). But Rawa Island had more activities like cliff jump, giant water slides. I personally like Rawa island and Harimau island compared to Mawar island. The scene here is just like Semporna but it’s cheaper. The best thing that I, you, we, they must try is island hopping! So so so much fun!

Operate time: anytime

Contact number: 07-799 1204 (Rawa Island resort contact number) (3-star hotel)

USP: beach and pantai, similar with Semporna (Sabah) 

Address: https://goo.gl/maps/ADo9AQQXmEY4DVuf9


Harimau island (Pulau Harimau)

Although it is called Harimau island, there are no tigers here hahaha…Okay sorry, it’s such a cool joke because Harimau is tigers in Bahasa. Oh my god you must snorkelling at a cave or hole and take pictures! Super good experience.  However, you must put a sunblock before having any sea activities. Or else sunburn comes to you without hesitation then you become black black hahaha. That coral tour you’ve got to do.

Operate time: anytime

Contact number: 019-728 4450 (Bayu Lestari Island resort contact number)                           (3-star-hotel)

USP: beach and pantai, sea activities

Address: https://goo.gl/maps/1Yya7Awo6yEHP6qNA



No.8 Kedai Tok Wan

Do you like nasi lemak? You must try nasi lemak, traditional Malaysian local food! Must try nasi lemak here! Delicious until words cannot describe it!

Operate time: so far no data

Contact number: 011-3679 3071

USP: nasi lemak, cheap price

Address: https://goo.gl/maps/WgTo7acLmYSiFKYr5


Hai Soon Seafood Restaurant

Seafood at the beach is a must! You’ll find a variety of choices at Hai Soon restaurant’s seafood. Fresh seafood is basic.

Operate time: 9.30am until 3am (everday)

Contact number: 016-712 9007

USP: seafood 

Address: https://goo.gl/maps/iHGqQfWCH2wtZGyW9


06 Kak Long Selera Kampung

5 star recommended restaurant! Asam Pedas, laut Kak Long are super damn delicious! Fried crab or prawn is a must-try.

Operate time: Sunday until Friday 9.30am-4pm (Saturday closed)

Contact number: 017-797 2393

USP: Asam Pedas and seafood (Halal)

Address: https://goo.gl/maps/4ER9opqxcW6vDcFn6


Uda Coconut Shake

I like this coconut shake so much. Imagine you play sea activities with a cool and refreshing coconut shake.  It’s not so sweet, but it cools me down. Just RM2.50 to get it! Happy go lucky~

Operate time: Thursday until Sunday 9am-6.30pm 

                      (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday closed)

Contact number: 019-584 9796

USP: coconut shake

Address: https://goo.gl/maps/tDsRfGHzK9b2U9cU6


Satey Teluk Iskandar

A super surprise experience: satay with coconut shake oh my god is the best thing I tried. I can take whatever satay I want for just RM1 each. Just eat as much as possible until you are full!

Operate time: Sunday until Wednesday 5pm-12am (Thursday closed)

Contact number: 019-767 0853

USP: satay 

Address: https://goo.gl/maps/abapBvX4wg58LTxt8


The Port Cafe@ Mersing Jetty

Want to have brunch which is a combination of breakfast and lunch? The best western food in Mersing is here. Good pasta, french fries. Pizza is also nice even though it’s a bit slow. Must try coffee here! Genuine coffee here!

Operate time: Sunday until Friday 9.30am-4pm (Saturday closed)

Contact number:  07-799 7982

USP: Western food 

Address: https://goo.gl/maps/UBPvueT5zxospKnV6


Rhekhas Amma kitchen Mersing

Don’t like Western brunch? Never mind, you can choose Indian style brunch. A 5 star recommendation for this family kitchen. Super nice ‘towkay’: always hear hi pretty or handsome when you come here. 6 words describe: Nice food, good service, affordable price. It’s a bit spicy for me.

Operate time: Sunday until Thursday 11am-3pm (Friday, Saturday closed)

Contact number:  014-988 4281

Menu: facebook.com

USP: Indian food (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) 

Address: https://goo.gl/maps/9dZggSfzmA66MPzq5


That’s all~Thank you. I Hope you have a nice day in Mersing with a beautiful beach and full of delicious food.

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