• Located just a short ride away from the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Batu Caves is a captivating limestone hill sanctuary that’s sure to steal your heart. As you approach the site, you can’t help but be amazed by the gigantic golden statue of Lord Murugan standing tall and proud at the entrance, inviting you to explore this remarkable place.


  • But don’t worry if you’re not the fittest of climbers; the journey up is part of the adventure! Along the way, you’ll be greeted by friendly monkeys, ever ready to strike a pose for your camera or maybe even attempt to sneak a banana from you. They add a playful charm to the experience, making it even more unforgettable.


  • As you reach the top, be prepared for a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape. The limestone formations create a surreal atmosphere, and the lush greenery adds to the beauty of the place. Take a moment to soak it all in; it’s a sight you won’t soon forget!


  • So, dear adventurer, Batu Caves is a place where spirituality meets natural beauty, and it’s a destination that will surely leave you with wonderful memories and a sense of awe. Be prepared to be charmed and inspired by this gem tucked away in the heart of Malaysia. Happy exploring!



Operating day(s): Sunday- Saturday              

Operating time: 24 hours

Ticket price: Free of charge (FOC)

Contact number: 03-6189 6284

USP: Series of caves and cave temples



  • Welcome to Sungai Tua Waterfall – a hidden gem in Malaysia’s lush forests! Just a short drive from Kuala Lumpur, you’ll find this oasis of tranquility. The sound of flowing water and the sweet scent of nature will instantly captivate you.


  • The hike to the waterfall is an adventure itself, surrounded by tall trees and colorful butterflies. And there it is – the breathtaking waterfall!


  • It’s the perfect spot for a relaxing picnic too. Lay out a blanket, savor delicious food, and soak in the beauty of nature’s symphony.


  • Leaving Sungai Tua, you’ll feel recharged and connected to the wonders of the natural world. So come, dive in, and let the magic of this place sweep you off your feet!

Operating day(s): Sunday- Saturday              

Operating time: 7:00am – 6:00pm

Ticket price: Free of charge (FOC)

Contact number: 010-518 7739

USP: Crystal clear water



  • Oh, let me tell you about the mouthwatering delight that is Wira Seafood Ikan Bakar Sedap


  • Their specialty is the famous Ikan Bakar (grilled fish) – oh, it’s simply divine! Freshly caught fish, marinated with a blend of secret spices, and expertly grilled to perfection over an open flame. The result? Juicy, tender fish with a smoky flavor that will leave you craving for more!


  • The friendly staff at Wira Seafood will make you feel right at home, sharing warm smiles and recommending their best dishes. Pair your Ikan Bakar with some flavorful sambal sauce and a side of traditional Malay ulam (vegetables), and you’re in for a real treat!


  • The laid-back ambiance, the sound of waves nearby, and the company of good friends or family make Wira Seafood an experience to remember. So, if you’re on the lookout for a seafood haven that serves up scrumptious Ikan Bakar, head over to Wira Seafood Ikan Bakar Sedap – it’s a journey your taste buds won’t regret!


Operating day(s): Sunday- Saturday              

Operating time: 2:00pm – 1:00am

Contact number: 012-411 1304

USP: Ulam budu ikan bakar [Dine in, takeaway available]




  • Located in the heart of Malaysia, Kari Kepala Ikan SG is a hidden gem for all curry lovers out there. As you step into the cozy restaurant, you’ll be greeted with the aromatic scent of spices and the warm smiles of the friendly staff.


  • Now, let’s talk about their star dish – Kari Kepala Ikan, which translates to Fish Head Curry. Picture this: a generous fish head, simmered in a rich and flavorful curry broth, infused with a blend of spices that will leave you wanting to lick your fingers clean!


  • Each spoonful is a burst of delightful flavors – the tender fish, the tangy tamarind, the creaminess of coconut milk, and the perfect balance of spices that tickle your taste buds in all the right ways.


Gather your friends and family, dive into this delightful curry experience, and savor the warmth and comfort of Kari Kepala Ikan SG. It’s a must-visit destination for those seeking a delicious adventure in the world of Malaysian cuisine. Get ready to indulge in a memorable meal that will have you coming back for more

Operating day(s): Sunday- Saturday              

Operating time: 11:00am – 9:00pm

Contact number: 03-6189 3657

USP: Fish head curry [Dine in, takeaway available]



  • Let me introduce you to the finger-licking goodness of Ayam Penyet Surabaya Sri Gombak – a delightful culinary journey that will leave you craving for more!


  • Tucked away in the heart of Sri Gombak, Malaysia, this little gem serves up one of the tastiest Ayam Penyet dishes in town. As soon as you step in, the enticing aroma of freshly fried chicken will greet you with a warm embrace.


  • Their signature dish, Ayam Penyet, features a succulent piece of chicken, perfectly marinated with a blend of flavorful spices, and then deep-fried to golden perfection. The result is a crispy, juicy, and oh-so-tender delight that will make your taste buds sing with joy!


  • Whether you’re dining with friends or family, the cozy ambiance of the restaurant makes it an ideal spot for a hearty meal and great conversations. So, if you’re on the hunt for a delicious Indonesian treat in Sri Gombak, look no further than Ayam Penyet Surabaya Sri Gombak – where scrumptious chicken and warm hospitality come together to create an unforgettable dining adventure!

Operating day(s): Sunday- Saturday              

Operating time: 11:30am – 9:00pm

Contact number: 03-6177 8245

USP: Nasi ayam penyet [Dine in, takeaway available]



  • Hey there! You’ve stumbled upon a hidden gem – a shop that’s all about authentic Malaysian flavors! Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with the delightful combo of Nasi Dagang and Laksam, along with a variety of other mouthwatering Malay delicacies.


  • Nasi Dagang, the star of the show, is a fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and served with a delectable side of fish curry. It’s a symphony of flavors that will transport you straight to the heart of Malaysia!


  • Laksam, on the other hand, is a unique treat that you won’t find everywhere. It’s a special noodle dish made from rice flour, topped with a rich and creamy fish-based sauce. One bite, and you’ll be hooked!


  • But wait, there’s more! This shop takes pride in offering a range of Malay cuisine (delicacies). From savory snacks to sweet treats, you’ll find a delightful array of options that showcase the richness of Malaysia’s culinary heritage.


  • So, if you’re craving an authentic taste of Malaysia, head on over to this charming little shop and savor the deliciousness that awaits you. Your taste buds will thank you for this flavor-packed adventure!


Operating day(s): Tuesday- Sunday  

                Closed: Monday           

Operating time: 7:00am – 5:00pm

Contact number: 012-215 5143

USP: Nasi kerabu, laksam [Dine in, takeaway available]



  • Welcome to Pak Uda Kitchen & Grill – where deliciousness meets warmth!


  • Step into our cozy eatery, and you’ll feel like part of our big food-loving family. We’re all about creating scrumptious dishes that will leave you craving for more!


  • Our talented chefs work their magic to serve up a fusion of flavors that will take your taste buds on a delightful journey. From sizzling grilled goodness to mouthwatering traditional recipes, there’s something to satisfy every craving.


  • But it’s not just about the food – it’s the atmosphere that sets us apart! We believe in good company and great laughs, so bring your friends and loved ones for a fantastic dining experience.


  • Whether you’re a grill aficionado or a lover of authentic flavors, Pak Uda Kitchen & Grill has got you covered. So, come on over and let the aromas and friendly vibes wrap you in a foodie paradise. We can’t wait to serve you the best of our kitchen with a big smile!


Operating day(s): Monday- Sunday           

Operating time: 3:00am – 11:30pm

Contact number: 011-6232 3214

USP: Pak Uda Special Grill Mix [Dine in, takeaway available]



  • Welcome to the enchanting world of Poffee Hoffee Bread & Cafe, where your taste buds are in for a treat! Step into our charming haven, and you’ll be greeted by the irresistible aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the heavenly scent of warm, baked goodies. It’s a place where time seems to slow down, and every moment is meant for savoring the simple joys of life.


  • At Poffee Hoffee, we take pride in our carefully selected coffee beans that result in the perfect cup of joe, just the way you like it. From velvety lattes to bold espressos, each sip is a magical journey through the realms of flavor.


  • But the enchantment doesn’t stop there! Our bakers work their magic to create a delightful array of pastries and bread that will melt in your mouth. From flaky croissants to decadent cakes, it’s a symphony of sweetness that’ll make your heart sing.


  • Nestle into one of our cozy corners, and let the warm ambience embrace you like an old friend. It’s the ideal spot to unwind, catch up with loved ones, or simply bask in the joy of your own company.


  • So, treat yourself to a little slice of happiness at Poffee Hoffee Bread & Cafe. We’re here to delight your senses, one sip, one bite, and one moment of joy at a time. Come join us and experience the sweetness of life in every delicious detail.


Operating day(s): Monday- Sunday

                Closed: Thursday           

Operating time: 11:30am – 8:30pm

Contact number: 03-6187 7265

USP: Grilled chicken pasta [Dine in, takeaway available]



  • Welcome to the ultimate oasis of luxury and sophistication – Hotel Rich Baliz! Step into a world where opulence meets contemporary cool, where every detail is designed to make you feel like royalty. We redefine the meaning of “lavish” and take your stay to a whole new level of chic.


  • Our stunning suites boast panoramic views that’ll leave you breathless. Picture yourself relaxing in a plush king-sized bed, surrounded by sleek modern furnishings, and indulging in the finest amenities fit for a VIP.


  • But Hotel Rich Baliz isn’t just about luxury – it’s about adventure too! Located in the heart of an exotic paradise, you’ll have easy access to breathtaking beaches, vibrant nightlife, and cultural wonders that’ll add excitement to your stay.


  • So, if you’re ready to elevate your vacation to the extraordinary, book your stay at Hotel Rich Baliz and experience the pinnacle of cool and sophistication. It’s time to treat yourself to a slice of heaven in paradise!



Operating day(s): Monday- Sunday           

Operating time: 24 hours

Price range: Starts from RM112.00

Contact number: 012-645 4955

USP: Amazing interior


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