Euro Fun Park

Super fun fair! Very suitable for family! The swing omgg so excited and interesting!!

Operate time:7pm until 12am (everyday)

Ticket price: Child (RM3) Adult (RM5)

Contact number:06-5233915

USP: entertainment, theme park 


Kedai Makan Pin Wei

Good news! Uncle just moved back from Pandan to Setia Indah Kedai Makan Pin Wei. Uncle’s fried kuey tiao super super super unadulterated. He fried kuey tiao for more than 30 years. Then, you can imagine how good the kuey tiao is. Okay, the speciality of this kuey tiao is adding duck eggs. One word: surprise. 

Operate time: Everyday 8.30am until 3pm (Friday closed)

Contact number: –

USP: fried kuey tiew, affordable price