How much is your monthly pricing starts?

A : pricing start from RM1588

What is your cheapest car price?

A: price start from RM120 which is Perodua Axia

Do you have student price or student discount?

A: No, we don’t.

Rent 2 days got cheaper price?

A: Only 7 days or above we have more discount.

Can I get the cheapest price for a 1-day rental?

A: Price already fix no matter short or long distance

Can i have any discount?

A: for first time user there is a coupon code.

Customer ask, if u PayNow to me what’s the rate SGD.

Answer: We check via app XECurrency rate on that day’s rate

If return early one day before, how about the balance amount of rental? Can refund?

Answer: Regret to inform that, there is no any refund if early return

Can I rent for only 5 hours?

Answer: Yes you can but the charges is still consider as 1 day booking. Is that okay for you?

Is the price of booking can nego?

Answer: Sorry, all our price are fixed.


Do you have a deposit policy? If yes, how much is it for a sedan car and an MPV/SUV?

A: Yes, we do have a deposit policy. The deposit starts from RM300 for a sedan car and RM600 for an MPV/SUV.

How long does it take to get a refund on my deposit?

A: Deposits will be refunded to you 14 days after returning the car

Can I come your shop/HQ only I pay deposit?

A: No, we only accept full payment through website

Can the deposit amount be lower?

A: The deposit amount is fixed at RM300.

Can I rent a car for one day without making a deposit?

A: Our company policy requires a deposit.

Why does the deposit need to be held for such a long time?

A: The deposit is held to check for parking, speeding, and police summons.

Can I pay a deposit of RM100 first and then pay the balance when I pick up the car?

A: No, full payment must be made in advance.

Does your company accept COD or PayPal?

A: No, we only accept online transfers or credit card payments.



Where is your HQ location?

A: We are located in Seri Alam.

Do you provide car delivery / drop-off?

A: We do have it, please check with our delivery team for available slots

How much are your delivery and pick-up charges?

A: Delivery charges start from RM40, it depends on which area you are located.

Can I have your address for picking up the car?

A: Once the booking is confirmed, you will receive the full address.

Can I pick up the car at point A and return it at point B?

A: Yes, you can. However, you need to inform us of the change in location before the end of the booking through our website

Do you have branches in KL, Penang, or other places?

A: No, we don’t have any branches at the moment.

Can I change the location during the booking?

A: Yes, within 5km radious

How much will it cost if I change the location after the booking?

A: It will be surcharged RM30.

Do you have free pick-up and drop-off?

A: Yes, we do. You can select self-pick up and return at Seri Alam.

Do you have delivery service?

Answer: Yes, we do have a delivery service. Currently, we only offer delivery to two locations, our HQ and the Holiday Inn.

If I self-pick up at the Seri Alam HQ, can you pick me up from my house to your place?

Answer: No we dont. You can take grab or InDrive or to our HQ

If I return the car at JB Sentral, can you send me to CIQ?

Answer: Our pick-up and drop-off point is at the Holiday Inn, which is opposite JB Sentral (next to CIQ).

If I pick up the car at the HQ, where should I go to meet you?

Answer: You can wait at the guard house, our custodian will coming over to deliver the car.

Is it possible to pick up the car in KL?

Answer: No we only able to deliver the car at Johor and collect at KL area, the charges will be RM480


What time can I get the car?

A: our operating hour is 9am-9pm

Confirmed pick-up time is 3pm, can I come at 1pm?

A: Please follow the confirmed pickup time as you have booked.

What if I pick up the car at 11am and return it on the same day at 9pm?

A: yes you can , it is still consider a one day rental

Do you provide hourly rental or Half day?

A: No, we do not. The minimum rental is one day or 12-24 hours.

I'm stucked in the jam, can i extend and return at 11pm or 12am

A: Can there will be counted as hourly charges and you need to self return to our HQ

If i return the car earlier than the dropoff time, let's say, 3pm from the 5pm dropoff time, will there be any deduction?

A: No any deduction but make sure our custodian is free to collect the car on your time

Pick up time earlier than 9am at JB sentral, how much does it cost?

A: Sorry for the inconvenience our operation hours is from 9am – 9pm


Can I ask my brother / cousin / sister to help me pick up the car?

A: yes, they can, but they must submit their identity card and driving license.

How many people can fit in a Hyundai Starex?

A: 11 adults without any luggages

Do you have van for rent?

A: no we don’t

Can I cancel my booking at the last minute?

A: yes you can, there is a surcharged, please refer T&C under Return and Refund Policy

Do your car have rear camera?

A: It depends on car model

May I know which year of your car?

A: All our cars are between 2-6 years old

Do you have manual car?

A: no we don’t have

Do your car have isofix?

A: yes, most of the car have

Can I last min extend booking?

A: We will have 6 hours reminder / 1 days reminder. Last min extend booking penalty rental fee of 50%

Do you provide fuel?

A: It’s a full-to-full fuel policy.

Is the mileage limited ?

A: Yes per day mileage limit is 300km. If more than 300km the charges will be RM0.50 per km and for monthly booking not more than 3000km

Is your car able to travel long distance and in good conditions?

A: Yes, all our cars are in good condition for long-distance travel.

Can I rent 1 or 2 days travel to Ipoh, Penang ,Kedah,Perlis, Terengganu or Kelantan?

A: The minimum rental period is 3 days.

Do your help to buy birthday cake or flower?

A: yes we do

When is the latest date should I book?

A: 24 hours in advance , and self pick up return at seri alam masai

when is the earliers date should I do my booking?

A: 2-4 weeks in advance

Can I change my car from a 7-seater to an 11-seater at the last minute? What is the procedure if I really need to change it?

A: Yes, you can, depending on the availability of car with a surcharge.

If I sign a 1-year contract and breach it early, what will happen?

A: Your deposit will be forfeited.

Where can buy or top up touch n go card ?

A: 7-11, petrol station , watson

Any further discount if i booked 2 cars?

A: Yes, we do have coupon code discount.

Can foreigner rent car?

A: Yes, with English license or International Driving License

What type of driving license cannot rent in Malaysia?

A: Non English driving license and expired driving license.

Car break down in Johor Bahru how to settle ?

A: Contact with our customer service , will one to one exchange car within 3 hours.

Can i come and view the car?

A: No , We dont. Cars always renting daily ,weekly and monthly.

What time is cusotmer service hours for respone?

A: Respone time for customer service is Monday-Sunday 9am-9pm.

What if tyre puncture what should i do?

A: We do provide tyre inflator inside glove box and contact our customer service for further assistance.

Can i rent car for doing grab?

A: No, We don’t

Can i drive car enter into Singapore or Thailand?

A: No, We don’t

Can i rent the car without submit documentation?

A: No you can’t. Submit documentation is must.

Can probation license rent car?

A: No, you can’t you may refer to our terms and conditions here under the driving license and age requirement. https://www.gemcarrental.com.my/refund_returns/

I'm aged 70 years old with valid driving license , can i still rent?

A: age of group from 21-65 years old.

Can i help my siblings or spouse to book the car?

A: Yes, you can.

I need the car now, can i come and collect , i'm on my way now , please share location?

A: for last minute booking need 3 hours for whole process.

What happen if car need send for servicing.

A: Informend our customer service will make appointment to the nearest workshop of panel workshop for servicing.

How to it takes for servicing at the workshop?

A: around 2-3 hours depends on minor service or major servicing

Can we return the car inside the parking mall and you come pick up the car?

A: No, not convenient for us to pick up the car inside the parking mall

Can I get public transport around your place at seri alam? What kind of public transport?

A: Only grab,InDrive and Airasia Ride at the moment

If I self-pick up return you come my house can?

A: Sorry we dont have this type of service

I came in from Singapore, do I need to prepare for tnb/water bill also?

A: No additional/specialities information required

Can I have your company name card?

A: We dont have for now. You can find us via website or Facebook.

If I buy steering lock, can I get claim back?

A: No, you wont get the claim back. Its not necessary to buy steering lock

Car baby seat can fit until what age?

A: For baby we would recommend infant seat which from new born baby to 12 months.

Do you provide Chauffeur service for short trip? Eg: senai airport to taman senai baru

A: We only provide chauffeur service for long distance

Do you happen to have dashcams too?

A: Toyota Yaris only have dashcams at the moment.

Will there be a 24/7 number that I can contact with incase of emergency?

A: If something happens unexpectedly, please update us immediately in our group WhatsApp chat and our team will fully guide you on that

Hi, I understand that your company does regular servicing for your cars. But how do I confirm that the car brake I am renting is in good condition as I will be driving along the highway? I won't be speeding and will follow the speed limit. Thks.

A: Hi, yes our company places great emphasis on car maintenance but if something happens unexpectedly, please update us immediately in our group WhatsApp chat and our team will fully guide you on that We will ensure that our customers would have a comfortable and safe journey during your time with us.

May I know does your company provide confirmation on your brake check/ tyre check before I pick up the car?

A: Hi! your concerns have been discussed in depth by the team leader responsible for ensuring our services maintain a high standard.

Please rest assured we have implemented utmost care in our vehicle maintenance

Excess Insurance

Do your car have insurance?

A: Yes, our cars are all covered with standard basic/normal insurance

Can I add one more driver?

A: Yes, you can add an additional driver when booking.

Do I need to pay for additional drivers?

A: No, there are no charges for additional drivers.

What is the procedure if an accident happens?

A: In case of an accident, call our customer service team first. They will assist you.

What is the payable amount if an accident happens?

A: In the case of an accident, there is a minimum amount starting from RM2000 that is payable.

Is there any additional insurance that i can take for the car?

A: our cars are only covered with standard/basic vehicle insurance
but if you want to add on excess protection insurance to
compensate the amount, you may refer our terms and condition
here for insurance & excess

Refund and Returns Policy

Is insurance included in the rental cost? Are there any hidden charges?"

A: Our cars are only covered with standard/basic insurance. You can add on excess protection and there is an additional cost for delivery.