Long Term Monthly Car Rental Service

7 Benefits of Car Leasing


Zero Risk on Deprecation Cost


20% Discount from Normal Price


Guaranteed Car Replacement

SUV For Corporate Car Leasing

100% Insurance Coverage


Reduce Tax as Company Car


Save Cost on Vehicle Maintenance


No Bank Commitment

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Must the car be in good condition when leasing out?

Yes. The car condition must be excellent all the time. Our team will conduct a specific screening inspections and checklist prior to accept the car.

Can the car owner take back the car for personal use at any time?

In case if that time the car is not lease out for customers, the owner can take back to use. Any adjustment/change can be communicate and coordinate between car owner and the company.

Will the car owner bear maintenance costs, road tax, and insurance?

It is 100% bound by EACL Autoservices Sdn Bhd.

In case of any car accidents, how will the incident be handled by Gem Car Rental?

Minor problem will 100% settle by us, serious problem will claim with the insurances company. We will ensure the car is under E- Hailing insurances that legally enable the driver as an authorized insurances claimer.

Who do I contact for more information about car leasing?

You can contact with Crystal Lim whatsapp here for further assistances.

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